Following countless hours of amassing, listening, typing and scanning, Graypunk Records is now up and running. For those who do not know, which would be anybody and everybody outside of my wife and about three other folks, Graypunk Records is a seller of quality archival music media, ranging from old-school analog (vinyl, cassettes, the occasional eight-track or reel-to-reel) to new-fangled digital stuff (cd’s, dvd’s). There will also be infrequent appearances by magazines, books, promo tchotchke’s and ephemera (not that I know what ephemera is, but I just love that word).

So, Graypunk-the blog-will be more or less an extension of Graypunk Records-the for-profit retailer. (At least, I certainly hope there is profit involved.) That said, it is not my intention to harshly beat you over the head with sales pitches. However, it is my intention to *subtly* beat you over the head with sales pitches. You see, it’s all about nuance.

The plan is to feature one piece of for-sale music each day, with a scan or two of each item along with some verbiage delineating what makes said item worth talking about (as well a link to the Musicstack sales page for that item). Of course, there will be examples of records that probably really aren’t worth talking about. In those cases, I’ll make up something. At the end of the day, I just like talking about music. And selling it.

Just to clarify, none of what preceded this sentence means I’ll only be talking about stuff I’m attempting to monetize. However, primary focus will indeed be on music and, to some extent, pop culture. Beyond that, I have no idea. I already have some reservations about joining the, ahem, blogosphere, at a time where such a venture is already considered an archaic communication vehicle. But hey, I’m wordy. I need more characters than Twitter allows.

Until tomorrow…kevin