I just posted an odd amalgamation of new inventory, including a handful of used Mobile Fidelity 80’s UDCD gold discs. All discs are in VG+ or better condition, with the following three having perfect discs, though housed in some scuffy cases…

Herbie Hancock – Man-Child (UDCD 706; $40)…http://www.musicstack.com/item/329581937

Rob Wasserman – Trios (UDCD 752; $25)…http://www.musicstack.com/item/329581936

Saturday Night Fever (UDCD 716; $85)…http://www.musicstack.com/item/329581935

Also new is the long out-of-print 2002 five-disc Yes CD box set, “In A Word.” Outside of a black marker line through the barcode (signifying this was a promo issue), the 5 3/4″ x 10″ box remains sealed and in mint condition. The inclusion of an extensive long box digibook makes this a pretty hefty package of prog…http://www.musicstack.com/item/329581942

And finally, a couple of pretty scarce pieces of vinyl…

Swedish pop band Cinnamon’s 1999 seven-track ep, “The Many Moods Of Cinnamon”, on March Records (MAR 044), featuring three tracks from the group’s then upcoming “Vertigo” album alongside some unreleased eight-track demos…http://www.musicstack.com/item/329581929

And a 1979 two-lp collection from Doris Hays (still performing/composing under the name Sorrel Hays, at least up to a couple of years ago) on Finnadar/Atlantic (SR 2-720), featuring the 20th Century composer and pianist playing her own work alongside pieces from Morton Feldman, Henry Cowell, Russell Peck and Leo Ornstein. Jacket has some light wear, but the vinyl is absolutely beautiful…http://www.musicstack.com/item/329581931