I don’t house a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to classical vinyl. However, that doesn’t preclude me from occasionally buying it (though it really should). And when I do sell classical stuff, it’s usually on eBay, primarily due to what I feel is a genre that is really difficult to search on Musicstack and Gemm. As a result, you can find a dozen or so vintage classical records – mainly 60’s issues, about half of which are minty-looking releases from the German Archiv(e) label – over on eBay. That said, not the most highly coveted stuff on the label as the titles currently up for auction are mainly Renaissance and Baroque repertoire. And then there are are also a couple of random pieces each from the other labels noted in the header, as well as a London Blueback of the Brahms title shown in the above scan (okay, I know know a little about classical, but it’s pretty limited).