Picked this up yesterday during my shopping trip. I HAD to have it, if just for the cover alone, which, after 52 years (!) remains in relatively pristine condition.The vinyl *looked* really nice, but plays a little crackly. Not surprising for a record that was released in 1959. And I’m guessing that Folkways wasn’t exactly using virgin vinyl. But again, the jacket alone was worth the price of the record. For me, anyway.

The *music* itself is pretty awesome. Exactly what you would expect it to sound like, if your expectations are based on watching old episodes of “Lost In Space” or screening “Forbidden Planet.” I can tell you that one of my African Greys is just loving this record. I think I’m gonna have to hold onto this one. And yes, that sound you heard was indeed my wife rolling her eyes.

BTW, the artwork is credited to Ronald Clyne, a graphic artist that was responsible for over 500 Folkways album covers. Folkways jackets definitely had a cohesive “look” and Clyne is primarily responsible for those singular stylings. I’m not sure how much of his own artwork (ie – graphic drawings) appeared on Folkways jackets, but again, I just love this cover. Oh, and if you’re at all interested in the actual content of the record, well, you can jump over to the Smithsonian website and download it for a mere $9.99.