Okay, time to bust out a private press gem from my own backyard. Well, Sacramento is my backyard now, but I was still back east when this album, a tribute to RV’s, motor homes and the roads they travelled (and the campgrounds they parked in, whether it be for a day…or weeks) was released, I assume back in the 70’s. The record combined Schmeck’s two loves – motor homes and country music. The former was driven by the fact that Schmeck’s day job was actually *selling* motor homes, as he had a dealership out in the Sacto burbs – Valley Trailer Sales. I mean, I’m sure he really did love motor homes, but he also really loved getting paid for ’em.

He parlayed the second passion into a local and somewhat legendary TV show entitled “Easy Living Country.” Why, of course. It was basically a NorCal Valley version of your old school country singing shows, more Porter Waggoner Show than, say, Hee-Haw, featuring a bunch of local twangers and, of course, Schmeck and his Cannon Ball Express band. Actually, there are several clips from the show over on YouTube if you have any interest in checking ’em out.

Everything here was written by Schmeck, with great song titles like “Traveling Man In A Mini-Van”, “I’m Proud To Own A Mobile Home”, Me And My RV” and “Service Station Man.” And then you have your necessary tribute to the Good Sam Club, simply entitled “Good Sam.” (And I LOVE the Good Sam logo on the jacket!) If you don’t know what Good Sam refers to, ask your parents. Or, maybe your grandparents.

So, this particular record is actually on eBay as a buy-it-now for $20. Oh, and it’s sealed!