It is true. I usually offer nothing but sarcastic-laden smack when it comes to “progressive ” music. This just in…I (typically) don’t like it. That is, the meandering symphonic rock neighborhood of prog. However, I do like, and quite a bit, the  cul-de-sacs of space rock and Krautrock. That was Cluster’s hood, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius was one of that band’s three members (four if you include the late, great Conny Plank). Man that band released a lot of music, and Julian Cope lists three Cluster records in his Krautrock Top 50 (and that dude knows his Krautrock, having written a truly definitive book on the subject).

All that said, “Geschenk des Augenblicks” (or “Gift Of The Moment” for those whose German might be a little shaky) has nothing to do with any of that. I mean, other than providing historical context for this, Roedelius’ 10th (or 11th?) solo record. It largely falls in line with a lot of EG repertoire released during this period in that it drifts into a strain of minimalistic melancholia that some, like me, would refer to as ambient. Others, not me, might tag it as “new age”. Those are fighting words.

But yeah, this is a pretty mellow listen. As well as just pretty. In a dark kinda way. Lots of grand piano, washes of synthesizers and some cello and violin for additional color and texture. In fact, great music to accompany the recent (and ongoing) overcast and rainy weather we’ve been having in northern California.

So, it looks like this may have just been reissued recently on vinyl. I can assure you that this is NOT the reissue, but an original EG pressing from 1984, still in shrink and with a little cut-out hole drilled though the top right corner. Vinyl is in near mint condition. Truly lovely. $25.

Buy how ya like. Just buy!—Hans-d-Joachim/Geschenk–des–Augenblicks/GML1448427103/