Man, oh man. Despite what many may deem a liberation, not having a computer for a week is, well, not. Of course, speaking only for myself and speaking from a very selfish point-of-view in which Graypunk commerce slows to a crawl. Probably not unlike me after tomorrow night’s Brewfest at Raley Field.

So, just posted about 25 titles, a mere fraction of what I have sitting here to list. But hey, needed to make something happen, so it’s  start. A few highlights noted below. Oh, all of these titles are SEALED!

Tom Petty – The Last DJ (Warner Brothers 47955)…Not his finest hour (and many would deem it his weakest work), but it has its moments. And like most Petty vinyl from the mid 90’s on, hard-to-find and still desirable. Gatefold, custom sticker, couple of tiny corner pushes. $150.

Miles Davis – Doo Bop (Columbia 26938)…His last studio release, Miles gets his hip-hop on in this genre-pushing collaboration with Easy Mo Be. For those who don’t care for such things, Miles probably has a few choice words for you from the grave. $50.

Velvet Revolver – Contraband (RCA 59794)…The return of the real Guns N’ Roses with a new singer. While I find the current incarnation of Axl Rose a total douche, I, at least at one point, felt he could actually sing. I can’t say I ever thought the same thing about Scott Weiland. For those that can look beyond the insult, a super nice copy. $50.

Aerosmith – Honkin’ On Bobo (Columbia 87025)…The band’s last – and possibly final? – studio release. Tough to find in this new era that finds Steven Tyler a full-fledged pop culture sensation (which I still can’t help to find kinda weird). Gatefold, custom sticker. $100.

Van Halen – Balance (Warner 45760)…Perfect listening accompaniment while you’re reading Sammy’s auto-bio, especially the Van Halen chapters. $75.

Eminem – The Slim Shady LP (Interscope; INT2 90287)…Okay, enough classic rock (excepting Miles). Factory sealed copy of Em’s eye-opening, insult-hurling, controversy-ensuing 1999 debut. Two LP’s in single jacket with custom sticker (and a couple of light jacket creases). $100.

Betty Page – Jungle Girl (QDK Media 017)…Yes, I understand she doesn’t sing. And I don’t care. Kinda like I don’t care that this kooky German exotica compilation doesn’t know how to spell her name (Bettie). Different shot on back jacket and some nudie shots in the gatefold and, I assume, throughout the 20-page booklet. $75.

Robert Plant – Dreamland (Mercury 063 094)…Ridiculously rare (and ridiculously pricey) 2002 limited & numbered 2LP German-only pressing. Pretty sure there are only 2000 copies of this one, making it what I believe to be the rarest Plant record in existence. It’s way easier to find a sealed Zeppelin title than finding this record in, well, any condition. This copy is #1395, is new and unplayed, with custom inner sleeves. The jacket is one tiny corner push away from perfection and has a peel-away custom sticker (and Made In Germany sticker) on the front jacket. Super, super sweet. And…$500. And no, I didn’t add an extra 0 by mistake.

*Update* – I, ahem, apparently forgot to upload my scans yesterday. Been so long I actually couldn’t remember everything I needed to do. That, and I have occasional idiocy issues. All better now!