Seems apropos to follow up yesterday’s Buddy Holly vinyl box set with this gem. The 2oth Anniversary (1980) marks the date of his death, which is more than a tad depressing, having died as the result of head injuries suffered from a taxi accident in Britain the first day of a UK tour. Gene Vincent was in that same accident, as was Cochran’s fiancée, but both survived the crash. Cochran was a mere 22 years old at the time.

So, don’t have a slew of detail on this box as, again, hard to turn up stuff on some of these Cochran comps as there was sooooo much repackaging of his material. However, this 4LP collection was issued in 1980 and contains 84 tracks and includes some unreleased, demo tracks and some studio banter. Each record comes in a custom sleeve and there is a brief 8-page “souvenir booklet” included, all housed in a very nice glossy hinged box. Almost all of the songs are in mono, which is certainly not a surprise, with a smattering of stereo tracks here and there. The box itself has a shrink tear along the front right of the box, resulting in some super light wear and very faint indentation lines.

Okay? Okay. That’s about all I have. Oh, I can tell you that this is much lighter than the Holly box, with international shipping estimated to be somewhere around 22-25 US dollars. The price on the box is $75 and you can find it at the following fine internet retail sites…



Have yourself a very merry weekend!