Punk rock Tuesday. I mean, why not? I was gonna post Savoy Brown’s “Raw Sienna” (have a super nice Decca UK copy of that quite excellent record), but decided to do a 180 and feature this one instead. This goes out to Dal, who likely has NO idea what a Savoy Brown is. Or, was.

So, “Hell Comes To Your House, Part ll” could have also been subtitled “The Cowpunk Years” simply due to the inclusion of two bands that headily mixed, a la, say, the Gun Club, their twang and their punk. Back in the day, I loved both Tex And The Horseheads and  Blood On The Saddle and this comp introduced both to the punk rock kids in america. Also featured were the Screamin’ Sirens, which featured one Rosie Flores, who went on to crank out a number of twangy, rockabilly-influenced records over the past couple of decades. And, of course, the album was led off by two cuts from the non-twangy, tho definitely cool trashy glammish punksters, The Jonses. Other than the inclusion of one Minutemen song that you would miss during a yawn (“Corona”),  I have no memory of the other bands included here – Mau Maus, Cambridge Apostles and Lotus Lame & The Lame Flames. Dal would tell me that’s because I suck and that Mau Mau’s “Sex Girls In Uniform” is one of the greatest songs ever. (Certainly has a super great title, I’ll give it that).

Okay, that’s it. Yes, it was over far too quickly. I’ve got stuff to to – like get the rest of those reel-to-reels up (another batch on Thursday, cross me heart, etc), re-type the 15 jazz additions I typed into an excel sheet yesterday, but lost (ugh!), and…go see Dal.

Hell Comes To Your House, Part ll (near mint and still in shrink!) can be found for the reasonable sum of $30 at these Graypunk outlets…