So, Beatnik Beatch is widely known (well, widely-known in Jellyfish circles…that is, in Jellyfish-the-band-and-not-the-marine-life circles) as the band that Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer were in just prior to the formation of Jellyfish. Which, I suppose, is very true. However, this record, the band’s 1987 debut, does not include Manning. Sturmer wrote all the songs found here with three-named bassist/vocalist Chris Witt Ketner, with guitar work from George Cole. Now, about half of the songs can also be found on the band’s “follow-up”, a self-titled major label debut via Atlantic the following year, with the other half being freshly written material after Manning joined the line-up. Neither version of the band did well enough to merit continuation. Well, you could argue the first record resulted in Atlantic signing the band, so, there’s that. Otherwise, it’s just a big ‘ol footnote in Jellyfish lore.

Oh, by the way, this is kinda rare. Oh, and on blue vinyl. Yes, (still) kinda cool. $40.–Beatch/At–The–Zula–Pool/GML1457862053/