Holly recorded quite a bit of material in a very short period of time, but this remains the lone record that is solely credited to him.  Released the same year as The Chirping Crickets, and featuring the same musicians. For a (somewhat) more contemporary version of this arrangement, see Rockpile. Whether recorded under Nick Lowe or Dave Edmunds or, ummm, Rockpile…it was the same four guys bashing it out. And to bring that full semi-circle, Nick Lowe actually appears on a Buddy Holly tribute record due tomorrow (“Rave On Buddy Holly”), and half of those covers are of songs featured on this record. So…if you happen to buy this trib record, dig it, and wanna hear what those songs really sound like, here ya go. I know I haven’t heard it, but I can promise you that Holly’s original version of “Rave On” is gonna be sooo much better than Julian Casablanca’s. Ugh.

So, way back in 1988, MCA predated the rage for 180gm “audiophile” reissues by dropping a souped-up version of this record, with Kevin Gray working his remastering magic from the original Coral mono masters. (Gotta think that was a pretty sweet gig) This version includes all the original artwork and liner notes as well, and comes in a beautiful gatefold jacket featuring a custom hype sticker featuring a sell quote from King Of The Audiophiles, Michael Fremer.

And if this isn’t enough Holly for you, I’ll remind you that I still have a sealed UK box that contains all his work for Decca/Coral/MCA, spread over 6 vinyl LP’s. Again, still sealed. Think it’s a $100. This reissue here is $50 and you can find it at the following fine e-tailers…



Okay…so, it’s only currently available via these two selling platforms. I forgot that the title isn’t even on Discogs (I suppose I could change that, but…just haven’t) and it’s not on Gemm because, well, I don’t know why. But hey, it’s available somewhere. The box set – The Complete Buddy Holly – is available everywhere. Last time I looked. Oh yeah…not on eBay.