Man, the whole “streaming thing”, as in the ability to fire up a music portal and listen to anything I want to, just continues to be a real disappointment. I swear that more than half the things I look for just aren’t there. I’d like to hear for myself how bad the Metallica/Lou Reed record is, but I ain’t throwing $13 at iTunes for the opportunity. After that, I decided to dial up this Quicksilver record on Spotify as I have a sealed copy and, honestly, have never listened to this band. Frankly, pretty much the entirety of what came of that 60’s Haight-Ashbury scene is a huge blind spot with me.

I was born in ’61,  grew up with Aerosmith, Kiss and Elton John. Had no time for hippies. I mean, was eight when this QMS record dropped. Then again, at the time, I could not have cared less about Neil Young. I self-corrected that oversight fairly early in adulthood. Way down with the Canyon Rock hippies. But have never taken the time, or really had the will, to connect with this particular period or brand of psychedelia. That said, I was interesting in hearing this record just because Nicky Hopkins plays on it. And it overlaps with a period in which that scene was getting a little twangier, which I’m generally cool with.

But yeah, not gonna happen. But that’s also not gonna change the fact that I have a sealed copy of this record to sell. And the sealed thing makes it a little tricky, as this record as issued with two different labels, the first being the very short-lived lime green target label before rolling over to an orange issue. But both were/are housed in the same heavy gatefold jacket with the same catalog number. I am convinced that this is a first pressing simply due to the heaviness of the package, weighing in a hefty 12oz. I bought a sealed copy of Dire Straits’ “Alchemy” at the same time and that two-record gatefold set came in at 14oz.

So there you go, it’s a no-brainer. Okay, not so. But again, I’m almost certain it’s a first pressing. With a clean cut-out hole. And a breathe hole. And some minor shrink tears. And some very light wear as a result of those tears. I think that’s it. Seriously, a nice copy and rare to find one sealed. $60.