With the release of Ryan’s recent “Ashes And Fire” release, the accompanying press onslaught made much to do about the fact that this was Ryan’s first record in three years, after taking some time off to address a nasty inner ear issue, get married, get sober and stop smoking. Not necessarily in that order. And not necessarily everything.

However, Adams did manage to sneak out a full-length release on his own Pax-Am imprint, albeit maybe not the record – musically speaking – that fans would have expected. That is, unless one knew that he would eventually take his love of all things metal and channel that fandom into a heavily rocking record of his very own making. And that is exactly what he did in 2010 with the release of “Orion”, his self-referenced “sci-fi metal record”. He certainly kept it real with the artwork, commissioning Voivod drummer Away (is there a more sci-fi metal band ever than Voivod?) to create the album graphics. And yes, it is, more or less, “metal”.

The record was originally released in a smallish run of 1000 copies on clear vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. A really nice package and one that I sadly found out about well after the fact. Adams then reissued the album in a non-colored wax, non-gatefold sleeve, a version which is now also unavailable. And this is the copy that I have available for sale. It’s still sealed, still sci-fi metal, still sports the Away cover art and is, well, still vinyl-only. The one still it is not, is still clear vinyl. Rather, “none more black ” black vinyl. $50.