Just uploaded 30 or so new titles to Gemm and Musicstack. Some of ’em are also available on Discogs, none are on eBay at the moment. And not sure if they will be. I can’t predict the future, even when I’m controlling certain aspects of it.

All new additions are sealed, with the couple that are open being new/unplayed. In addition to this Mobile Fidelity beauty, there’s stuff from Springsteen (“Seeger Sessions”), Paul Simon (scarce German pressing of “You’re The One”), McCartney (yet another copy of the UK-only “Driving Rain”, which never lasts very long), The Who (“BBC Sessions”), Santana (UK pressing of “Milagro”), Van Morrison (“Pay The Devil”, which I think is somewhat recently out of print) and a rare Dylan UK-Only release (the 2LP “Best Of, Volume 2”). Yep, a bunch of old white man music, not necessarily all produced by old white men.

The copy of “Showdown” is in superb shape. Again, it’s a sealed, original,  limited & numbered 1985 200gm audiophile issue, with a small shrink tear found on the upper left quadrant of the front jacket. I can tell you that it is small enough to be deftly covered by a retail price sticker. Ugh. But no issues whatsoever beyond that tear. Oh, and number 2306. $100.



Man, how I would love to see Gemm tighten up their item addresses.