Gorgeous 1982 Japanese pressing of this 1964 UK-only five-track release, with all songs recorded at Chess Studios while the Stones were stateside for their first US tour. For American buyers, the five songs found here were more easily sourced via the band’s 1964 full-length, “12 x 5” (natch). This particular issue is pretty darn scarce, and this particular copy is beautiful, with all components – vinyl, jacket, obi, insert – in near mint or better condition. Oh, and so is the condom. Condom? Condom. (Sorry, I just like typing *condom*).

I have no idea why (though I’d love to know if anyone does know the back-story) there was this series of Japanese 80’s Stones reissues that all included “mini-condoms” as part of the packaging. If you look at the red box on the top of the obi (on the left hand side of the jacket), you will see an area just about smack in the middle that looks like there is something slightly pushing out against the obi. That, my friends, is your mini-condom.

Again, this is a beauty, albeit a short five-song beauty. Oh, all songs in mono. $60.