I’ve been holding onto these for way too long. And I have no idea why. So, here you go U2 fans – strong copies of both the CD and 12″ issues of this 1995 release that was intended for the band’s Propaganda fanclub, with some inevitably winding up with record store folks who then went on to sell their copies when they were likely valued much more highly than they are now.

Pictured above is the 12″ release, which includes four remixes on a 33 and 1/3 rpm platter. The vinyl, which was indeed played back in the 90’s, is still in great shape. While there are minor signs of play, there is nothing that will annoy you during playback. Nice, clean and fairly loud (nice mastering job!). The jacket has a 1″ top center seam crack, a couple of corner dings and a bottom seam dent about 2″ in from the left side of the jacket. Still looks pretty nice, but definitely graded as VG+. Vinyl is VG++.

As for the songs, side one contains a Pete Heller/Terry Farley remix of “Salome” (Zooromancer Remix) and a David Morales re-do of “Lemon” (Bad Yard Club Mix). Flip contains two mixes of “Numb”, the “Soul Assassins Remix” from, ummm, the Soul Assassins and the “Gimme Some More Dignity Mix” courtesy of Rollo and Rob D. And that is it.









And then we have the nine-track CD issue, songs noted on the second scan. The cardboard sleeve has some light edge wear and the disc has some slight scuffiness, primarily sleeve marks as the CD was simply housed in the cardboard packaging with no insert or sleeve. Again, I played all the way through just to ensure all is right. And…all is right.

Both are $35 each, which I feel is a very reasonable price based on condition. And just to remind you, even though you just read it, condition is very, very good. Either can be found of Gemm and Musicstack. Apologies for today’s lack of links as I’m a bit pressed for time. If you really want ’em, I know you can find ’em.