My first triple-stacked post header. Another barrier broken. Also (sporadically) broken today – my wireless connection. I just lost about a half hour’s worth of work on this Kirk piece. I received the error message that my router was off the rails (or something to that effect). It came back, my Kirk post didn’t. Thanks, AT&T!

So, I’ll just say this – RRK kicks ass. Seriously. Dude blows. Hard. With tons of soul and a rock & roll swagger. He always brought it. Every time out. I don’t think he recorded a bad record. But he definitely recorded a lot of great records. This may or may not be one of them. But it probably is his strangest – a three-sided affair that consists of music that was informed by his subconscious. And those “dreams” are represented by short audio pieces that supposedly tie the greater works together. At least, musically.

And the way that Kirk weaves all of this stuff together can only really be experienced via the two-disc vinyl format, as the shorter “pieces” are more or less extensions of the “songs”. However, the current physical CD format indexes everything as individual tracks, resulting in a not so unified concept. And that’s not even bringing side four into the conversation, with its 12-minutes of blank emptiness followed by a 30 second conversation. Dude.

Also…not on Spotify. At least not that I could find. Again, this one is sealed. Outside of some minor corner dings and a faint impression of the record on the front right half of the jacket, it’s a pretty sweet copy in light of its middle age. $50.