So, didn’t really feel like seven weeks, did it? Yeah, sorry about that. One day turns into three and two weeks into two months. The constant struggle to break down my days into  how much time to dedicate to the actual retail side of the business (buying, posting, packing, shipping) and how much to allocate for, ahem, “marketing” (ie – blogging, Facebooking and a host of other thing I haven’t even touched upon yet). It’s a twee easier keeping up Facebook appearances because, well, FB makes it pretty easy to do so. The platform is conducive to short, sharp blasts of culture. As is my brain.

Here I feel I need to be a little more expansive. Which has probably been part of the barrier in keeping this particular corner of my internet a little fresher. Well, that and an obsession with college basketball that consumed a bunch of March. So you see, the “excuses” that I can provide are more or less lame.

Since last we spoke I have caved yet again to a knowing & unspoken truth (damn you real world!) – I need to have more Graypunk inventory on eBay. Yes, I hate eBay. And yes, I love eBay. The plight of most sellers. More sales. More headaches. Typically, sales triumph in this squabble. As they do here. I will never have the breadth of inventory on eBay that I do on, say, Musicstack or Gemm. That said, if you ever see something on those latter two sites that you would rather purchase on eBay as, well, that’s where you’re comfortable buying stuff, just lemme know and I’ll work with you to make that happen.

Oh, happy belated Record Store Day. I don’t know what happened where you live, but from literally where I stood, it felt like RSD took a large leap forward this go-round. Way more people queing up for store openings that I remember in past years. And every store I was in (maybe eight) were all doing what looked like killer business. In light of an article I peeped recently that noted turntables sales in Jan 2012 were up 50% over those in Jan 2011, it makes sense. And it sure doesn’t feel like this recently building wave of analog nostalgia is going anywhere for a while, morphing from what many perceived as simply a fad to potentially becoming a meaningful musical mainstay.

Okay, think that’s it for now. I won’t be another seven weeks. But that may have very well been exactly what I said last time. Because I’m a liar. Except when it comes to vinyl grading. Then, of course, I’m just occasionally mistaken.

Cheers, kevin