Yes, I have been neglecting this space. For most of the year. I have found it’s way easier to keep up with everything when you simply ignore certain segments of what you think are necessary to maintain a business that wants to communicate with its audience. Leaves more time for *everything* else.

One thing that actually has changed since the last update is the address at which this blog now resides, as I have finally secured the domain. Someone had been squatting on that one for the past several years and apparently finally realized that it wasn’t a domain that was going to, ummm, enrich his or her life. Or bank account. It was offered to me for the obvious reason and I grabbed it. Thank you. Now, what to do with it. Until I wrap my head around what it takes to structure a decent retail site, it will serve as home for the blog and I’ll build it out from there (why, sure I will).

I will also continue to struggle with what content should be posted here and what stuff is more appropriate for Facebook. There will obviously be some overlaps. Of course, that would only be a danger if I actually do take the time to curate content in both places. So, there’s that.