Ghosts of Record Store Days past continue to lazily appreciate (or, ummm, not) in the racks at Graypunk HQ. Some have been readily available since acquiring, while many have lounged in proverbial dark nooks and crannies for years. Thought the run up to Record Store Day 2016 would as opportune a time as any to throw some light on some previously released RSD titles, most of which have become quite scarce these days.

First up is a tight seven-song live spit EP from The Bronx and the band’s mariachi embracing alter-ego. Four tracks from the latter, three tracks from the former, including a ripping take on Hanoi Rocks’ “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” that was recorded in Hanoi’s homeland of Finland and features former frontman Michael Monroe on vocals.

1000 copies pressed on clear vinyl liberally splattered with splashes of white, red and blue. Can’t peak to the validity of the download code, but I can speak to the validity of the very nice jacket the record is housed in. Available for a mere $25 over at Discogs and/or eBay.