So, I am really behind and therefore gonna make this (relatively) short and sweet (I mean, what or who is sweeter than Jewel?). Actually, I have no idea how sweet (or not) Jewel is. She is about as far off my pop culture radar as an artist could be. But I just read a blurb online about how she’s going to be hosting some upcoming American Idol-ish singing competition on television and is expecting a baby with her rodeo-star husband. He is a rodeo dude, yes? If that’s true, I guess I know more about Jewel than, well, I should.

Anyway, “This Way”-her third release-is ridiculously hard to find on vinyl. It’s almost as ridiculous as paying $100 for a copy should you find one. And I have one. But take this into consideration – it’s a two record set. See, now it’s not that bad. Man, I am a terrible salesman. Okay, if there’s someone out there that actually reads this post and wants this record, it’s yours for $75.