So…here’s a rarity I stumbled across yesterday – not only is it the debut recording from the much beloved Knoxville, Tennessee based band, but it is one of the first 200 copies made available, and thusly pressed on orange vinyl. Hella rare, not to mention unplayed.

Superdrag is one of those bands that has always existed on the periphery of my musical awareness. This despite the fact that I know I’ve listened to their records. I know they write super hooky songs. I know that they deliver said songs with some crunchy guitar. I know that they were often pegged as a “power pop” band, and as much as I love a melodic band that likes to turn up their amps, again, they never totally registered with me. Oh, and I know they once had a penchant for adorning their album art with super cute retro looking young ladies. Apparently that did register.

I also know they have one of those sadly unfortunate stories in which band releases indie record, band develops really great fan buzz, band gets signed to a major and releases a record that has a hit  single that gets played on the radio and the mtv and led the kids to buy a bunch of copies, followed by the inevitable band gets chewed up and spit out by that same major because they failed to deliver more hit singles. Thanks, Elektra.

So, back to this single. “Senorita” is the A-Side; “My Prayer” and “Cuts And Stars” are found on the flip. It was released on Darla Records (002, one of the very first recordings issued on that label). Uber-limited translucent orange-ish vinyl, unplayed and in a super nice sleeve that has a bit of edge wear, but no creases, dents, splits, etc. And the black flecks on the orange vinyl are truly there – as is the case with many translucent colored vinyl pressings; virgin vinyl this ain’t.

Now, I believe there are copies of this single that might have an insert. Honestly, I’m not sure. I can tell you that this copy never had an insert. If it did, it would still be there as I’m crazy anal about stuff like that. It is possible that many or most of these orange pressings were given to retailers and radio stations as promos, and may not have included such an insert. But again, I don’t know.

If you have a need to purchase this record, click here…