So, I’m sure my wife checked out at Phish. And while I’m not necessarily a fan, this is one band for which I have a tremendous amount of respect for, on many levels. Firstly, it’s hard to take issue with any band that not only can garner a significant following, but manage to retain that fanbase for well over  decade now. It’s compelling. I also love that they seem to truly love music. And lots of it. The semi-regular Halloween tradition of covering an album in its entirety is, in this music fan’s world, a very cool thing, especially in light of their choices – Talking Heads to Rolling Stones to Velvet Underground to this past year’s take on Little Feat’s “Waiting For Columbus”. You just have to give it up for that alone.

I recently stumbled across two original Phish records – “Story Of The Ghost” and “Farmhouse”. Both were sealed, with custom stickers, apparently just sitting in this record store since their original release. Amazing. Sorry, but “Story Of The Ghost” is gone. I would have to say this is a very compelling reason to regularly keep checking my inventory as you just never know what might pop up from week to week. However, “Farmhouse” is still available.

Not only is it the only sealed copy of this record on Musicstack, it’s the ONLY copy of this record on Musicstack. Oh, and you can also find it on Discogs (where it too is the only copy currently listed for sale)