If your a Minutemen fan, this is pretty essential stuff. That is, unless your a Minutemen completist and already have all these songs, which would be mighty impressive as this a collection of the band’s first two LP’s, five EP’s and assorted cuts from various comp records from back in the day. 62 songs! Man, at the time, this band cranked out an unbelievable amount of songs in a pretty short time span, as all this material was recorded between 1980-1983. 62 songs doesn’t even represent a career for many of today’s recording artists.

What you get – “Paranoid Time” EP, “Joy” EP, “The Punch LIne” LP, “Bean Spill” EP, “What Makes A Man Start Fires” LP, “Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat” EP and the aforementioned comp tracks. Oh, and Raymond Pettibon artwork (natch). While much of this material *may* have been subsequently released on CD (honestly, I have NO idea), I don’t believe this comp ever saw a CD release, even years after the fact. And I’m pretty sure it was never available on vinyl either. CrO2 only. This one has got a whole life ahead of it as I barely played this cassette.

At the moment, only available on Musicstack (as I forgot to upload my cassette stuff to Gemm…doh!). Super sweet deal at $20.