Yeah..I have been incredibly unproductive this week. One lone blog update, no real catalog additions to speak of. I’ll blame most of it on March Madness. I’m a huge college hoops fan and I get, ummm, kinda distracted this time of year. And that first four day weekend (and as I type we have yet to hit the mid-point) is just wall-to-wall games. It’s awesome. But somewhat all consuming. And the recent wave of lousy weather brings a whole different wave of malaise, as it feels like the first days of winter as opposed to being hours away from spring. So…weekend laziness is taking hold a little ahead of schedule.

So, if you haven’t noticed, I have populated the photo strip section of the Graypunk Facebook page with scans-and accompanying descriptions and prices-of titles that are currently for sale. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? Well, it didn’t. I was just initially turned-off by the way that that scans were represented within the Facebook framework. But hey, just like everything else I don’t like about Facebook (which I have found in a few short weeks is, well, many things), I decided to shrug it off and move on. So that’s what’s goin’ on there.

What else? Nothin’ really. Please pardon the interruption and get on with your weekend as soon as you can. I, like Frank, will be taking it nice ‘n easy. And yes, the album-original 70’s Mobile Fidelity issue, not the more recent MoFi issue-is available for purchase. Near mint and $40. Okay, NOW I can go.