This just downloaded itself in the inbox…

Seller fee update coming in July: Fees adjusted to reward low-cost shipping–To pay the lowest fees, consider ways to lower your shipping costs.

Dear graypunk:

We know that online buyers pay attention to the total cost of an item–including shipping–when deciding what and where to buy. That’s why, to encourage low-cost shipping, starting July 6 Final Value Fee rates for Store sellers–Fixed Price and Auction-style–will be reduced and then applied to the total amount of the sale–including shipping.

The best way to minimize the impact on your overall fees is to take advantage of the available ways to reduce your shipping costs and charges.

Please. This is yet another hike on sellers from a company that can’t seem to generate the revenue its shareholders seek without continuing to make it off the back of the sellers that keep the company in business. The thing that truly irritates is that eBay already dictates what sellers can charge for shipping to ensure that buyers don’t get ripped off. I am not allowed to charge more than $4 for a media mail LP shipment. I can honestly tell you that $4 for media mail is barely-if even-enough to cover a seller that uses sturdy mailers, sandwiches it’s records between filler pads and makes liberal use of both tape and bubble-wrap. The cost for media mail + delivery confirmation is just under $3, leaving a buck for actual shipping materials. As  for overseas orders shipping via First Class International at $15; I often find my postage cost alone being $14. If I break even on shipping, I’m lucky. And I don’t believe that is the case.

This is absolutely NOT about lowering costs for the buyer. It’s another eBay cash-grab. And probably their most desperate yet. Guess I’m kinda glad I’m not a PowerSeller, because eBay is sticking it to those folks by taking away a longstanding 5% final fee discount.