The last and least essential of Mile’s collaborations with Gil Evans. In fact, many, if not most, would tell you it’s not essential whatsoever. Which is a bit of a shame considering the duo were responsible for killer efforts like “Sketches Of Spain” and “Porgy And Bess”, not to mention the sessions that became “The Birth Of Cool”. It’s not that “Quiet Nights” is bad, but it does feel a tad, ummmm, slight. And light . Clocks in at 27 minutes, about the length of a Van Halen album. (All kidding aside, I would welcome the return of the half hour record).

Back to “Quiet Nights”. This is a second pressing, with the 360 Sound Stereo logo on the label in white lettering rather than black. This version was pressed about a year after the original, which sports black lettering instead of white. But is in beautiful condition, with a VG++ jacket and near mint vinyl. $40 over at gemm and musicstack; $35 if you wanna buy directly from me.