Of course, everybody has known this for years. The chain store count decline alone over the past ten years is staggering. So, there’s a piece over at Huffington Post noting the Top Ten Dying U.S. Industries. And hey, record stores made the list. And a very sweet showing at number two. Sandwiched between Apparel Manufacturing at number one and Manufactured Home Dealers at number three. Ha! Take that mobile home sellers. And mill workers (#6). And formal wear and costume rental companies (#9). I mean if you can’t afford to actually go anywhere nice, why would you need to actually dress nice? Likewise, if you can download music for free, why would you need to buy it?

But yeah, it sucks. All of it. It’s mind boggling how many folks in the music industry, who have been unemployed for years, are still trying to lock down a job. Any job. The music biz, as it once was, doesn’t really prepare you for anything happening in the real world. It was a fantasy existence. But you don’t realize it until you’re outside of that world. Then, its too late.

Anyhoo, if you care about what the other half dozen dying U.S. businesses are, pop over to HufPo to find out. Based on how much cash AOL just gave ’em, I can’t imagine everyone doesn’t know how to get there. That said, I NEVER go there.

New stuff uploaded – and detailed – tonight and/or tomorrow. Picked up some sweet sealed stuff on Friday. More to come.