There’s not really much to say about this record that hasn’t already been said. I mean, not that that has stopped me before, but…I think it will now. By the way, is following the word that, with another that, proper english? Hmmm…I wonder. Okay, I do have something to add – there are a few S&G songs that provide Graypunk with some of his earliest childhood musical memories. During summers whilst I was attending elementary school, the campus was open during the days so kids actually had a place to hang out and commune. Yeah, kinda quaint when you consider what is happening in the public school systems these days.

I have very vivid memories of bouncing back and forth between the carrom and bumper pool tables while “Cecilia” or “Mrs. Robinson” was playing on the AM radio. Firstly, I can’t believe I pulled “carrom” out of the deep and addled recesses of my brain. That is unusual. Because I probably haven’t played carrom since I was in elementary school. But secondly, I LOVED those songs, especially “Cecilia.” And yes, I know that wasn’t on “Bookends.” It was couple of summers later. Regardless, those songs, amongst others, made me stop. And listen.

Okay, that’s it. This copy of “Bookends” is a sealed original stereo first pressing. I really, really, really wish it were mono, as those are crazy rare. An open near mint mono copy, with poster, sold on eBay earlier this year for almost $400. But alas, it’s stereo. But sealed stereo, with first pressing prefix and poster and custom clear sticker running across the top and the requisite “breathe holes” on the front shrink. Outside of a very small and very light bottom spine crease and a couple of tiny corner pushes (dude, it’s 43 years old!), the jacket is in excellent shape.–and–Garfunkel/Bookends/GML1450135902/

Yeah, I know it’s a bit pricey. Or so you’ll think until you see VG+ copies for $50 or another sealed copy listed for, ummm, over $400. So see, at $150, I’m like Crazy Eddie insane cheap!