Punk rock. Ground Zero. Man, love that cover shot. Those are some natty northwest punks.

So, another find that I know very little about. One of a couple (several?) Sonics comps to be issued all the way at the end of the 70’s via First American. As I cannot find any true documentation on the history of these recordings, I can only assume that the music found here is comprised of Jerden Records odds and sods, label founder Jerry Dennon (drop some letters, smash ’em together and you have “Jerden”) was the man responsible for the very short-lived First American. (Apparently ran into a little inextricable trouble with the IRS).

I can say that the band’s cover of Zappa’s “Any Way The Wind Blows” is not found here (unless uncredited). The track listing as it appears on the jacket is as follows…

Side 1…Like No Other Man, I’m Right, I’ll Always Love Here, Only She Would Do and Diddy Wah Diddy

Side 2…On The Road Again, I’m Going Home, Once Again and I’ll Stay With You

Any of this First American stuff is pretty hard to get your hands on as, again, the label wasn’t around for all that long. And I doubt that the pressing runs were very extensive, either. Sealed and $25.


Hmmm…well, can’t seem to find this on Gemm, which is pretty odd. And Discogs only has an entry for the Munster version, not the First American pressing. (And I can’t be all that bothered about adding one. Yet.) So, if ya want it, it’s Musicstack or me.