Ahhh, the 90’s. A decade in which a slew of bands that weren’t named The Pixies or Sugar wanted desperately to sound like The Pixies or Sugar. Many failed. Some succeeded. And some actually did both. Portland’s Sunset Valley, fronted by Herman Jolly fell into that latter category, pretty much nailing the super catchy, super fuzzy tune template, but failing to attract, well, buyers. I’m sure I overstate. I’m sure it’s not by much.

This is the band’s debut recording from 1998, issued on blue wax with an extra track – a cover of “Porpoise Song” (written by Gerry Goffin & Carole King, performed most famously by The Monkees and, not so famously, by The Church and The Wondermints) – not found on the CD version of the record. CD also remains out-of-print and it doesn’t appear that it’s available digitally anywhere either. So there. The vinyl version is super hard to come by, and I’m guessing that there couldn’t have been more than, say, 500 copies pressed. Way nice embossment job on the jacket, with “Sunset Valley” in raised type on the front and back, though reading backward on the back. Nice touch.

This sealed (blue) slice of 90’s nostalgia can be found, like love, all around.