So, couple of things led me to think about this record. Firstly, I sold a sealed copy of “Out Of The Blue” last night. Original pressing with an untouched build-it-yourself ELO spaceship. S-weet. Secondly, and this is a bit of a journey, I just heard the Fountain Of Wayne cover of The Moody Blues’ “The Story In Your Eyes” (b-side of the band’s new single, “Richie & Ruben” and was then reminded of the band’s live cover some time back of ELO’s “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” (LOVE that song, both versions). And the original version of the song is found here. Okay, not so much a journey. Maybe a short stroll.

Which, naturally, brings us here. The band’s first compilation, issued both in a commercial version and this promo-only gold vinyl version. Includes the full-length versions of both “Kuiama (11:10) and “Roll Over Beethoven (8:02), which is why side one only has, ummm, three songs. Later versions only appeared in edited form, though I love that even in its shortened essence, “Kuiama” still clocks in at just over nine minutes. Proggy pop.

Sealed gold. Sorta. $50. Exactly.