And no, not the Staples I used to worth with at Valley Media in Woodland. I’m perfectly cool with that Staples. I mean, as far as I know. No, I speak of Staples, the office supply chain that doesn’t seem to carry, ummm, office supplies. Well, technically, shipping supplies. And office supplies. This is now the third time in a row that I’ve been to the Meadowview store in Sac and walked out without what I would consider staples…at Staples. (But not literally staples). Sorry.

The first time it was bubble wrap. Large bubbles category. Sold out of the large rolls, requiring the need to spend more on less. Second time it was HP ink. Really? Out of probably the most popular ink cartridge on the market? Lame. This morning, a shipping box. Of the approx. ten versions of shipping boxes Staples typically carries, I think they had two. And not the size I need. So, thank you Walgreens (not that I’m a real big fan of you, either).

BTW, I sent an email to Staples the last time I left there empty-handed, complaining that as a small business customer, I continually have issues finding what I need. No response. So yeah, Staples sucks. Hard. I mean, I know I can find what I need cheaper online. But that would require me having better organizational skills than I do. As a result, I often buy something when I run out of whatever it is. Yeah, I’m a model of efficiency.

And then there was the next stop at the Mexican place around the corner. Went in and ordered a breakfast burrito (all of which come with potatoes, natch) and five minutes later I was told the potatoes wouldn’t be ready for 15 minutes. It’s 11am on a Sunday morning and you have no potatoes, and therefore no ability to make a breakfast burrito, as described on your board? And you didn’t know this five minutes earlier? WTF? It continually amazes me how bad customer service can be in this economic climate in which retailers should be fighting for customers. From a big box retailer to a local mom  & pop. At least I’ll give the mom & pop another chance. But I’m done with Staples. Hey, that really was easy.