Did he just say “Styx”? Ummm…I believe he did. And why? Dude, do you need a better reason than “Blue Collar Man”? Oh, you do? Okay, I give you “Renegade”. And don’t even try to dispute the greatness of “Renegade”. Okay. Tommy Shaw was dope, yo.

So, I’ll admit it – I enjoyed the occasional Styx song back in the day. Who didn’t? You’re a liar, sir. In regards to this chapter of Styx history (the hit years), I’ll take “Grand Illusion”, certainly over “Pieces Of Eight”. But I think I’d take “Equinox” over both of ’em. The pre-Tommy Shaw years. That was back when Styx was kinda proggy. I know, remotely kinda. But probably about as close to prog as I ever got. Which, admittedly, isn’t close at all.

Okay, back the hard sell. There’s a handful of vinyls that is regularly on the radar of Styx fans, and this WLP of “Pieces Of Eight” is one of ’em. Rarely do you find one sealed, but that is likely to be a result of not many sellers wanting to make that declaration without opening it up to be sure. Hey, I don’t roll like that. I mean, every copy I’ve seen with this promo sticker and cut-out hole has been a white label promo. I cant even imagine that it is not a WLP. That said, if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll hear about it in the ensuing days/weeks after it’s eventually left here. But it is. I promise.