Right off the bat, I wanna apologize for that wavy scan. At least, I think I do. I initially thought it was terrible, but if you start at it long enough it can become kinda mesmerizing. I knew the double-shrink thing was gonna present a problem, but I wanted to go with this one anyway, as it is yet another example of a tough-to-find 90’s record due to the small amount of vinyl being pressed during that decade. But hey, it was unusual to even see any mid-to-late 90’s major label release even considered worthy of issuing a vinyl configuration. And when they were, it was typically one small run and over, or maybe just a European-ony issue which the American label then imports to satiate what was then a very tiny populace of vinyl buyers. You know, like this Stones piece.

Yep, never issued domestically, but rather sourced from Virgin’s UK arm by Virgin’s US arm. Actually, Virgin’s US indie arm, as it was Caroline Distribution that made this title available stateside, which explains the removable sticker over the barcode that claims as much. It would have also been Caroline that sealed these records for the American market (as UK labels, kinda sadly, don’t waste their time on such things).

All that duly noted, I wouldn’t exactly call this rare. Copies pop on eBay maybe a couple times a month. Or so. But it is fairly rare to find a copy that remains sealed. So, this has that going for it. In general, a super nice copy with no visual jacket issues whatsoever. Two LP’s of “stripped-down” recordings taken from European club performances and rehearsals, the idea coming by way of the band’s smaller acoustic sets that were part of the “Voodoo Lounge” tour. Smells contractual obligation-ish, but apparently that was not the case.