Firstly, Joe Pernice should have been on this record. But seeing as how this came out a year before the first Scud Mountain Boys record, I guess no one at the time knew who  he was. And sadly, that awareness has not changed on the scale it should have. Stupid labels.

This is a 7″ box set that compiles the entirety of the CD on 7 little black discs that spin around at 45rpm, all housed in custom Karen Carpenter inners. Oh, and these singles have big holes, so dig out that 45 adapter. Or maybe you picked a custom dBpm adapter when you recently bought Wilco’s “I Might” 7″? (Of course, I bought one in all three colorways. And to answer the question before you ask it…because).

Track listing is as follows…

Side 1 – American Music Club – Goodbye To Love…I would advise against sequencing an Eitzel track as the first song. He makes me sleepy.

Side 2 – Shonen Knife – Top Of The World…Exactly what you would expect, and exactly what you want.

Side 3 – Sonic Youth – Superstar…Always thought this was pretty genius take.

Side 4 – Cranberries – Close To You

Side 5 – Bettie Serveert – For All We Know

Side 6 – Dishwalla – It’s Going To Take Some Time…What’s a Dishwalla?

Side 7 – Sheryl Crow – Solitaire

Side 8 – Johnette Napolitano/Marc Moreland…I like this, despite never being a Concrete Blonde fan; could be about a minute shorter, tho.

Side 9 – Redd Kross – Yesterday Once More…I don’t think I’ver ever met a Redd Kross song – or cover – that I didn’t love.

Side 10 – Babes In Toyland – Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft

Side 11 – Cracker – Rainy Days And Mondays…Love, love, love this take.

Side 12 – Matthew Sweet – Let Me Be The One…Love this, too. Wasn’t much I didn’t love about anything Sweet did around this time.

Side 13 – 4 Non Blondes – Bless The Beasts And Children…Ack.

Side 14 – Grant Lee Buffalo – We’ve Only Just Begun…Between the dead-on arrangement and the fact that he sounds more like Karen Carpenter than anyone else on this record, it’s almost too reverential. But it really isn’t. Another artist I was predisposed to liking at the time.

Okay? Okay. Again, box is sealed, with a really tiny drill hole through the back top right corner. $40.