Yep, piggy-backing on the media onslaught. Of course, if I really approached this correctly, I would have had this posted last week, no? I could go on one of my meandering jags about Ryan, but it would sound a lot like what pretty much every piece written about Ryan more or less notes – used to really love the guy, but kinda found myself disengaged over the years. I mean, the records have their moments, but none of them enrapture me the way “Heartbreaker” did. Or left me enveloped in the same sense of wonderment that those Whiskeytown records created. I do enjoy “Gold”. After that, all bets are off. Love some of it, was bored by some of it and simply didn’t care about a lot of it. But I always listened. At least once.

Okay, here we have an unplayed limited, numbered, promo-only copy of “Gold”, spread out over two colored vinyl LP’s. One is blue, one is red. Both are housed in a single pocket jacket with a couple of corner spine issues – top corner has a dent, bottom corner sports a 1″ crease, light scuff along the bottom right seam. I rarely see this listed with a perfect jacket, for whatever reasons. Methinks a good deal of it was due to lax shipping conditions, resulting in many corner issues. But again, vinyl is pristine. Oh, and this is number 722/1000.

I decided to put this up for auction on eBay. I rarely sell stuff via auction, but I occasionally, ummm, dabble. As I’m typing, sitting at an impressive $14 and change. So, at the moment, it’s super affordable. And yes, way more affordable that I would like. So jump on in and drive that price up. Please?