Just uploaded a bunch of currently out-of-print items, across an array of software mediums, from the mighty prolific, mighty heavy and mighty psych-y White Hills. There are some excellent super rockin’ space rock bands out there at the moment, and White Hills are one of the best. They also truly do release a ton of stuff, and in some cases said stuff disappears literally overnight. So, a brief summary of what’s available, all of which is new and unplayed.

Heads On Fire LP (Thrill Jockey 217)…White Hills rocks out courtesy of, and actually, with, Julian Cope. The band’s very first recording was issued on Cope’s own Fuck Off & Di imprint (nice!), the tracks from which were taken, extended and tweaked by the band and Cope and issued by Thrill Jockey in 2007 via this limited run of 1000 copies. Long out-of-print. $60.




Dead 12″ (Thrill Jockey 12.36)…2009 four-track 12″ feat a remix of “Head On Fire” track “Oceans Of Sound” plus three new (at the time) tracks. Housed in an all-black jacket w/ spot UV gloss varnish and a posted-on art card and, again, limited to 1000 copies. $40



White Hills LP (Thrill Jockey 232)…I suppose it’s not a lazy reference if it’s true, or if the same line is drawn in every review of every White Hills record you’ll read, but yeah, the band does come off as a contemporary version of Hawkwind. Actually, they sound like a 70’s version of Hawkwind. I don’t think its possible to listen to the band without slipping into the metal head-bob. Kid Millions from Oneida takes the drum seat and it’s a great fit. A little less pummeling and a twee more spaciness. I’ll make that trade. This copy is from the original issue of 1000. There was eventually a repress of 500 and I don’t think you can tell the difference. But I swear this is from the first pressing. Also has one of the best embossed jackets I have ever seen. Killer. $60.



Live On WFMU (Who Can You Trust 07)…Okay, moving on to cassette (!). Super rare German issue of 50 pro-dubbed cassettes, featuring two separate on-air throw-downs. Side one was recorded on May 4, 2010 while the side two performance is from April 10, 2007. They are who you think they are. $35.



Black Valleys: Live At Aquarius (Aquarius 001)…This one was released earlier this year in conjunction with Record Store Day and the content was take from a half-hour plus instore the band did at Aquarius last year as a drummerless two-some. Oddly, tho very nicely, packaged in a slimline DVD case with art, hand-numbered 48/300. Yep, that’s it. $60.



Measured Energy 7″ (Trensmat 024)…A fairly recent release from  this highly regarded Irish imprint. Nonetheless, extremely limited translucent purple vinyl. These went away in a hurry. A little bit of a different thing for the band, though you knew it was coming – less on the heavy, more on the droney. A kinda ambient soundscape-y vibe, but certainly not a piece of background chill.  Also includes a download card that allows owner to access a bonus 10-minute plus track and two videos. Yes, these guys are infatigable. $25.



Oh, and I think everything here is also on Discogs. And there ya have it.