So, I’ve been spending some time sorting through a few boxes of the thousands of CD’s that are housed in, ummm, my house. And man, there’s some good stuff laying around here. Felt it was time to beef up the digital music-encoded software product line and this Thin Lizzy disc is definitely a highlight, an original 1994 issue from Strange Fruit, the imprint that used to license all this BBC stuff back in the day and ran the distribution through Dutch East India.

I would say that the Peel recordings, generally speaking, are pretty damn good across the board. I mean, who would go in and half-step it through a Peel performance. In front of Peel. This collects 15-tracks, spread across seven different sessions (according to the liner notes, written by Peel, and I think one of the few, if not only, liners he actually wrote for one of these discs, they did a total of eleven), all recorded between 1972-1977 and all pretty exceptional. I would argue many, if not most versions, better their studio counterparts. Again, for the devout Lynott fan, it’s pretty essential.

Disc & insert are in near mint condition. More or less, brand new. Ish. Punch hole through barcode on back tray card. Otherwise, Lizzy-licious. Okay, sorry about that. $40.