I thought I had this record sold quickly after posting it a couple months back. But the buyer flaked and, well, it’s still here. Forgot about it until I read a piece about the band’s upcoming release and their current tour back east with the mighty White Hills. Knew nothing about the band when I purchased it, but I’ll generally buy pretty much anything on Thrill Jockey, where vinyl runs remain pretty tight and stuff can go out-of-print fairly quickly. Especially when you consistently release as much good stuff as TJ does.

And, like many Thrill Jockey-distributed releases, musically kinda tough to pin the band down, which is an attribute more times than it’s not. Made up of three brothers from Virginia, they can be all Blue Cheer-y one minute, and drop a lovely ambient soundscape on you the next. They’re a power-trio, but play in the most open-ended part of the pool. The title track is akin to pastoral Sabbath. So yeah, also like many TJ releases, the word “druggy” comes to mind.

This is the band’s second record, originally self-released on Fireproof Records in a run of 500 copies. TJ then picked up the band and reissued it in another small run of 500. And that is the copy we have here, sealed & housed in a heavy plastic zippered sleeve with  custom sticker. I will note that there is some sticker residue on the, umm, sticker. (Bay Area chain music retailers love to wrap up their records in tape and don’t give much of a damn what they tape over in doing so). The bag is a twee dingy, but the jacket remains in great shape, albeit with a top spine corner ding. Oh, I have my doubts about t download code still being valid. Okay? Okay. $30. Oh, and for the moment, only on Discogs (as I forgot to report everywhere else after said buyer bailed).