Okay, the first very brief pass at this recently referenced rock collection yielded a couple of obscurities – the lone two releases from Canadian psych-pompers, The Collectors. Both issued via Warner’s W7 imprint, both US green label first pressings.

The band’s self-titled debut (WS 1746) is just good straight-up psych-pop, with occasional touches of ornate silliness. Hey, it’s a fine line. And then in somewhat of an odd turn, the band hooks up with this poet/playwright – George Ryga – to create a piece that was intended for the stage, and then extended into the band’s sophomore release, “Grass And Wild Strawberries” (WS 1774), with Ryga handling lyrics, the band writing music. Not the disaster that it certainly could have been. But not considered a breakthrough by any stretch.

And really, at the end of the day, that’s probably as much as you need to know about The Collectors. Well, there is this one thing – following the second album, the singer bailed, the band promoted from within, regrouped and rechristened themselves Chilliwack. Ahhh, Chilliwack. I did love that name. I assume much like The Collectors, the band was much bigger in Canada, tho they did lay claim to their fifteen minutes here in the states with that “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)” track. Fun fact – I at one time owned the record that song was on. Have NO idea what the album title was, though. (Yeah, I’ll cop to just about anything when it comes to music. It was the 80’s. I think. Whatever.)

Collectors – Collectors is here…http://bit.ly/SmpzYO

Collectors – Grass And Wild Strawberries is here…http://bit.ly/NRT1Fu