Yep, George Harrison beat Paul McCartney to the shadowy world of EDM by decades. Who woulda thunk? Okay, so not so much EDM as simply “electronic.” Back when that word alone was sufficient in describing such a release as “electronic” in any form at that time was going to be a fairly primitive affair. It’s far less Skrillex and more AFX Twin. Uh, kinda.

Basically, it’s Harrison twiddling knobs on two side-long compositions, with “No Time Or Space” (recorded in California with another electronic pioneer, Bernie Krause) being the less musical of the two. For me, it’s the better of the two pieces, but I have a high tolerance for lo-fi moog doodles. Oh, and btw, just so you know, “No Time Or Space” is credited on both the inner and label as being on side two. It is actually on side one, while “Under The Mersey Wall” is actually the side two cut. For what that’s worth. Also maybe worth knowing? Harrison also did the artwork.

Just posted up on the eBay for a reasonable $40. Jacket is VG+, with a touch of ringwear; original inner is in killer shape, and the vinyl is VG++. In excellent shape, but not quite near mint. Play-graded.