This was posted to eBay last night via a 10-day auction that will end next Sunday. Obscure early 70’s hard rock/proto metal vibe (a la, say, labelmates Grand Funk Railroad). But lack of direction and lazy A&R (see cover of Guess Who’s “No Sugar Tonight”) resulted in yet another band becoming yet another footnote in the history of rock and roll.

Yet it is a footnote that still holds some interest for folks, as this record regularly closes for anywhere from $20-$60 (and occasionally more) on eBay. I expect this to be much closer to the former as it’s been pretty well, ummm, loved over the years. No reserve auction, with an opening bid of 99 cents. Or…you can buy a copy from the outfit that’s selling it for $124.99 and provides no grading or description of the record. Except that it has a seam split. Ack.

Bang auction