Man, kinda hard for me to wrap me head around Weezer being around for as long as they have. What, sixteen or seventeen years? And this record is now ten years old? Ahhh, irony. It’s timeless, no? So is laziness. I just took a scan of this a few days ago, and just decided it would suit my purposes for today’s feature. Ya see, I’ve had this up for sale for a while now, sealed. But I don’t think a lot of folks will necessarily believe the vinyl inside of the jacket is colored unless there is some sort of sign (say, a sticker) noting that fact on the jacket. (Tho that one dude who bought that sealed STP record that was on purple vinyl believed…and I guess it really was purple, as I haven’t heard from him since sending him the record).

So yeah…I opened it. And hey, it really was green. See…told you. But now I have proof. Oh, and vinyl remains unplayed. And hey, the jacket remains in shrink and still has the very large (and green) custom sticker reminding you that “Hash Pipe” is indeed on this record. As is “Photograph”. And “Islands In The Sun”. And all on side one. Yep, apparently no hits – or “focus tracks” – on side two. By the way, the band take their love for metallic power chords (and the band’s who display ’em) to new worshipful heights on this one as the entire album clocks in at a nice Van Halen-ish twenty-eight minutes. They already knew that the generation they were playing to were awash in ADD.

Okay, green “Green” is $50. It can be found at the usual places…as well as eBay (!).