***Repost from earlier this year, for the obvious self-serving reasons (yes, that would lead one to believe it is still for same…which it is). I mean, it would be remiss of me to flog a key piece of Harrison vinyl on the day that a Martin Scorcese-helmed HBO special airs. Synergy, dude. Or opportunism. Whatever.***

I don’t think there’s a whole lot I need to say about this one, except for the fact that it is sealed (!). I picked it up from a guy who used to run a record store insouthern California back in the day, an original Apple issue with a rather large promo hole through the top right corner of the box. So yeah, a tad unsightly for some. But enclosed within are pristine copies of the three LP’s as well as the poster. ‘m pretty confident that this is a first pressing, with muli-clored sleeves/labels, but I certainly can’t swear-to-John-Lennon as the box remains factory sealed. Shrink is indeed original, sporting the requisite pair of “breathe holes” as well as the missing shrink at promo hole. Oh, btw, said hole does not go through the back of the box, through it does extend through the inners. $175.